Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of LaGrange, Texas. We are glad to introduce you to this lively community of faith in Central Texas. In six words, our ministry ethos is this: compassionate action, modeling faith, building community. We serve the local community through the AMEN Food Pantry, Second Chance Emporium, the LaGrange Area Ministerial Alliance, and a host of volunteer service.

We are a multi-generational congregation with a heart for worship and service, prayer and study, fellowship and care for others. Our children lead us each week as they gather and bless donations for the Food Pantry. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month; share table fellowship at the Second Sunday Lunch, and worship week to week seeking to “glorify God and to enjoy God forever.”

We seek to build community with family and friends and guests, with the community, with other congregations, and as we pursue an international partnership with a church from the Czech Republic.

To quote one of our members, we are people who have fun doing good things with and for others.

We hope that you will visit so that we may get to know you.

The Rev. Martha Langford, Pastor




Weekly Schedule 

Office Hours

  • Monday through Thursday —
    9:00am to 3:00pm


  • Worship
    – 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

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First Presbyterian Church

205 South Franklin Street
PO Box 368
La Grange, Texas 78945
Phone (979) 968.9424
Fax (979) 968.4076

  • Recorded Church Service for May 2, 2021

    I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit... (John 15:5)

    Text:  John 15:1-8
    Branching Out  
    Preacher: Rev. Martha Langford

    PASTOR'S PREVIEW: At his final meal with the disciples, Jesus tells them, "I am the true vine and the Father is the vineyard keeper." He will go on to encourage them to draw the source of their lives from him, as he abides in them. In John's poetic way, he describes how our lives, rooted in Jesus and tended by God, are able to bear fruit for the glory of God. This rich promise invites us to explore those places where God's grace is blooming in our lives.

    Liturgist:  W. O. Wood

    Ushers: Clive and Rebecca Halder

    Pianist: Jean McHenry

  • Recorded Church Service for 4/25/2021

    I am the good shepherd.
    I know my own and my own know me...
    (John 10:14)

    Text:  John 10:11-18
    Sermon: Knowing Shepherd 

    Hear the Sermon
    Preacher: Rev. Martha Langford

    PASTOR'S PREVIEW: "I am the good shepherd." Jesus claims the role of shepherd with his followers, speaks to how his work ethic is different from a hired hand whose heart isn't in it. He "knows" his sheep and the sheep, well, his sheep know him. There is a certain thrill in being known—a certain elation and a certain terror. What does it mean for us that Jesus knows his flock completely? What does it mean for us that Jesus calls us to know him in return?
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