Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of LaGrange, Texas. We are glad to introduce you to this lively community of faith in Central Texas. In six words, our ministry ethos is this: compassionate action, modeling faith, building community. We serve the local community through the AMEN Food Pantry, Second Chance Emporium, the LaGrange Area Ministerial Alliance, and a host of volunteer service.

We are a multi-generational congregation with a heart for worship and service, prayer and study, fellowship and care for others. Our children lead us each week as they gather and bless donations for the Food Pantry. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month; share table fellowship at the Second Sunday Lunch, and worship week to week seeking to “glorify God and to enjoy God forever.”

We seek to build community with family and friends and guests, with the community, with other congregations, and as we pursue an international partnership with a church from the Czech Republic.

To quote one of our members, we are people who have fun doing good things with and for others.

We hope that you will visit so that we may get to know you.

The Rev. Martha Langford, Pastor



We extend condolences and prayers of comfort on the death of Nathan Hurst, as our hearts go out to Jerry and Pam Hurst and all of Nathan's family.  The family has determined that the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA to be the recipient of any and all memorial gifts that people wish to make in memory of Nathan.  A tribute fund has been established in Nathan's name so that the gifts do not just go into a broad memorial account. 

There are two ways for people to give:  1) checks should be made out to the Shepherd Center Foundation, 2020 Peachtree Road NW Atlanta, GA 30309 Attn: Dean Melcher:  Please put "Nathan Hurst" in the memo line. 2) online donations made be made at on the Shepherd website.  Please contact Jerry Hurst with any questions.

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Nathan Hurst
2104 Woodstock Lane
Tallahassee, FL 32303

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    9:00am to 3:00pm


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    – 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

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First Presbyterian Church

205 South Franklin Street
PO Box 368
La Grange, Texas 78945
Phone (979) 968.9424
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  • Recorded Church Service for 9/20/2020

    Photo:  Waldeck Workers

    Hear the Sermon Here

    Text:  Matthew 20:1-16
    Sermon: "A Generous Wage"      Rev. Martha LangfordJesus shares a "kingdom of Heaven" parable about a landowner and the day laborers hired for the harvest. When time comes to settle accounts, those hired at first light and those hired an hour before the day ended all receive the same pay. This seems to violate the principle of fairness--and it does--but the landowner claims the right to be generous beyond the transaction of work and wage. Come and wonder with me, "What is fair and what is heavenly?"

  • Recorded Church Service for 9/13/2020

    Photo:  Remembering gifts

    Hear the Sermon Here

    Text:  Romans 14:1-12
    Sermon: "By Comparison"      Rev. Martha Langford
    Paul has poured out his heart to the believers in Rome, seeking to build the church on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ. Yet even as he writes, the church is involved in a dispute over table manners that threatens its peace and unity. Paul warns of comparative judgments on debatable points and urges this fledgling community to practice the open-hearted welcome that they have all received from God.

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